The World’s Largest Swimming Pool Is Glorious

The name of this place is: San Alfonso del Mar is a private resort in Algarrobo, Chile that boasts The World’s Largest Swimming Pool. Who said “tourism attraction”? This is an amazing place to visit, I definitely would like to go there and you didn’t saw other photos of this place yet.

The World’s Largest Swimming Pool Is Glorious, and currently has the Guiness mark for Guinness World Record for largest pool in the world by area. It has 0.6 miles long covering 20 acres in total, yeah it is something big and I was just happy with my little swimming pools.. So, I will be excited for sure if someday I can visit this place 🙂

And the best of all is that it contains seawater directly from the Pacific Ocean and more 16ºF water temperature than in the Ocean. Yeah, thats right,  it contains around 66 million gallons of filtered seawater from the Pacific Ocean. See people having fun in this amazing swimming pool here.

Aerial View Of The The World’s Largest Swimming Pool

Worlds Largest Swimming Pool 7

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Cool Swimming Pool? The Annual Maintenance Costs About $4 million

Worlds Largest Swimming Pool 8

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Best part: You Can Cross The  World’s Largest Swimming Pool and Then You Can Swim In The Beach 🙂

Worlds Largest Swimming Pool 9

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You Also Have The Possibility of Flying Over to See This Amazing View ..

Worlds Largest Swimming Pool 10

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Swimming Pool or Ocean : The Swimming Pool Water Has a Mean Positive Difference of 16ºF to the Ocean Water, And The Water Is The Same! 🙂

Worlds Largest Swimming Pool 11

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If you feel excited, please share this unique place with your friends. A good location to visit this year, at least to visit the Guinness World Record for largest pool in the world by area. Click Here To See People Having Fun And Other Photos Of This Pool.

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