What’s Hiding Behind This Dresser Is The Best Idea Ever. I’m Jealous.

These parents decided to do something extra special to celebrate the 4th birthday of their child. What they did, is simple but amazing and so magical ..

They had a great idea. There’s nothing a little boy wants more than their own secret treasure Room .. You see in the picture below, the tyrannosaurus rex? Just behind, exists an unused storage space attached to their son’s room that was hidden by the dresser .

Sarah and her spouse, created a Wonderful Place for playing, learning, and pretty much anything .. And yes, children see it as a magical place .. See how they did it! And their child dind’t know about that place, so .. can you guess the reaction ?? 🙂

Behind this dresser was a hidden storage room

desktop-1407784851Image credits: goer

Their child didn’t know about it .. Can you guess their reaction ??

desktop-1407784860Image credits: goer

…and why would he?

desktop-1407784857Image credits: goer

It was empty, uninviting, and falling apart ..

desktop-1407784869Image credits: goer

Sarah and her spouse fixed it up, as 4th birthday present ..

desktop-1407784868Image credits: goer

And they Filled it with fun stuff.

desktop-1407784856Image credits: goer

Such as the Genie from Aladdin (voiced with all the laughs)

desktop-1407934362Image credits: goer

And revealed it to him as “The Secret Treasure Room.”

desktop-1407784862Image credits: goer

Now you can guess their child reaction .. 🙂

desktop-1407784851 (1)

Image credits: goer

(via io9goer)

This was something great .. transforming an unused storage space into an magical place as their child 4th birthday present .. If you feel inspired, please share it with your friends ..


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