This Guy Had a Great Idea.. Sun Jars To Collect Sunshine So That You Can Use It At Night. I’ll definitely try it!

Imagine if we could save sunlight and use it later. It sounds silly, but it’s possible. We’ll show you how. I’ll definitely try it!

1) You’ll need to gather a few supplies.

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used materials: air-tight glass jar;  solar-powered yard lamp; Super glue; Glass frosting spray; Pliers; scissors; screwdriver

1) Spray your jar with the frosting spray to give it that nice milky look

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Note: completely remove any metal hinges and clasps before frosting and Spray the outside of the jar, rather than the inside.

2) While your jars are drying, it’s time to dissect the solar lamp

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Additional instructions: Being careful not to snip any wires, remove the small solar panel and battery pack from inside the lamp.

3) Use your glue to affix the entire mechanism inside the lid of the jar

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Notes for this step: Make sure the solar panel is facing up and out (not down into the jar) so it it will make it easier to catch the sun!

4) Re-attach the hinges and clasps so the jar can be sealed

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5) Leave your Sun Jar outside or on a sunny windowsill for several hours.

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Yes, this one is the funniest and exciting part! 🙂

The solar cell will create an electrical current that charges the battery.

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The jar’s frosty glass diffuses the light and makes it look like you’ve captured the sun! That’s so amazing!

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Sun Jars collect and store sunshine so that you can use it at night – now you can do it using different colors to create an unique effect.

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Source and photos source: [1]

Some features of these professional sunlight jars (with some improvements): 

Store Up Sunshine For the Nighttime – Free Sunlight Forever!
Solar Power – Charges the battery
Rechargeable battery
Energy Efficient Led Light
Automatic Switching – Lights up automatically when it gets dark
Waterproof Seal – Use outside or indoors
5 Hours On Charge – The light will remain on for up to 5 hours when the battery is fully charged

We love to share inspiration ideas for those who love DIY. If you feel inspired with these ideas, please share it with your friends.  Sun Jars collect and store sunshine so that you can use it at night DIY is an amazing thing anyone can do for fun and to bring something special to any backyard.

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