The Scariest Pathways In The World To Get To School

In some places in the world, going to school  may not be as simple as the way you were doing when you were going to school. Something that should be easy and simple can become a scary and dangerous mission. See these extreme cases of the most dangerous pathways in the world to go to school ..

1 – Children go through a narrow chasms and dangerous path, Gulu – China

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2 – Children climb on wooden stairs on the side of a very high mountain in Zhang Jiawan Village, south of China

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3 – Children walk for long hours by frozen rivers to get to the boarding school in Zanskar in the Indian Himalayas

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4 – Students from a school in Lebak in Indonesia, daily traverse a suspended only by a steel cable bridge

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5 – Children fly” the 2624 feet at 1312 feet tall steel cable on the Rio Negro River in Colombia to get to school

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6 This is a common situation in the Amazon region of Brazil, which also happens in Riau, Indonesia

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7 Children walk for hours and cross a tree root bridge in India

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8 This girl goes every day to school riding a bull in Myanmar

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9 Crossing a broken bridge in the snow to get to school in Dujiangyan, Sichuan province, China

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10 Children traveling on the roof of a wooden boat to get to school in Pangururan in Indonesia

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11 Girls makeshift bridge across the wall of a strong Sri Lanka

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12 Many children traveling on a boat in Kerala, India

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13 Students huddled in a wagon on the way to school in Delhi, India

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14 Students across the river on a bamboo raft Ciherang in Cilangkap Village, Indonesia

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15 Path through the mountains to a boarding school in Pili, China

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17 Children walking on tightrope to 9 meters from the river Padang in Sumatra, Indonesia

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18 -Children cross a river every day with an inflated tire as a buoy in the province of Rizal, Philippines

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Some images are scary but others brought to me the idea for Freedom! Please share if you feel excited ..

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