The Perfect Decoration For Summer Patio Parties… Easy To Make And Look Magical!

These jars are very cool, and are inspiring a lot of people. They are the perfect decoration for summer parties. If this DIY project inspires you, please share it with your friends.

What you need: glass jar, glow sticks, scissors, tulle and don’t forget your security: gloves and protective eye-wear (see second image).

DIY Glow Jars 0006 All Three Jars Glowing

Used material

DIY Glow Jars 0000 Supplies

Putting the tulle inside the jars.

DIY Glow Jars 0001 Add Tulle to Jar

Remember to cut pieces of tulle bigger than the jars. Source: here

Cracking the glow stick ..

DIY Glow Jars 0002 Cut Glow Sticks

Crack the glow stick (it will activate the glow material). Insert the end of the glow stick into the jar and cut the tip. Remember that the glow material is chemical, so always use your gloves and your eye-wear. Source: here

DIY Glow Jars 0003 Shake Glow Stick in Jar

In this step, stir and shake the cut glow stick around inside your jar. It doesn’t flow out easily, sometimes the glow material may get clogged due to a large piece of glass that didn’t break. Be patient and use new sticks if needed. Source: here

Replacing the lid and shaking it up ..

DIY Glow Jars 0004 Close and Shake Jar

After putting the glow material in your jar, replace the lid and shake it up. Source: here

Use the same method with different colors

DIY Glow Jars 0005 All Three Jars

Turn off the lights and .. Woow so beautiful!

DIY Glow Jars 0007 Just Glow Sticks

DIY Glow Jars 0008 Just Glow Sticks Detail

DIY Glow Jars 0009 Tulle Jar Glow Sticks

DIY Glow Jars 0010 Tulle Jar Glow Sticks Detail

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