When The Lights Go Out, Her Glowing Murals Turn These Rooms Into Dreamy Worlds

Bogi Fabian is an European artist whose creativity affects the various forms of expression.

This talented girl is trying to create dreamful atmospheres, painting walls and floors with and without a source of energy.

Her goal is to create unique spaces and rooms giving them an identity and a soul, where relaxing and living become an experience. I have to admit that I’ve never seen nothing like this ..

Here are 19 Photos Of Glowing Murals. #5 rocked my world! 🙂

#19. Bogi Fabian painting a Room (Light-OFF, Light-On preview)

#18. When The Lights Go Out ..

#17. Starting A Living Room

#16. Amazing Living Room ..

#15. Waterfalls ..

Did you knew about this paiting / room DIY decorating method and the materiais she is using? Share with us your experience and tell us what do you think about this..  Continue reading to see more amazing glowing murals, #5 rocked my world ..

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