This Guy Really Spoiled His Dog With The Coolest Dog Bed Ever

All of us love our doggy but this guy did something amazing that shows his true love for his dog. We’ve collected all the photos so you have here all directions for this Cool DIY.

Summer heat can be deadly for pets and dogs have a normal body temperature of about 102 degrees, but since dogs don’t sweat, they are much more likely to get hyperthermia than their human owners.

When one guy noticed his 13-year-old Labrador was digging up his flowers on hot days to get to the cool dirt, he decided to save his pup from the heat…and his flowers from the dog.

He made his dog an air conditioned pet bed out of fans, PVC pipes, and frozen water bottles. Check out the awesome (and adorable) invention below. [1]

The finish Product But .. Let’s see how it was done ..

#1. Making the frame out of wood, and cuting four holes for the PVC air inlet.

#2. Attaching fans to the frame and providing them with power using an old computer power supply.

#3. Frame and fans put together.

#4. Finishing off the cooling duct in a T-shape.

This is definitely the coolest diy project for dog bed. Continue reading for the rest of directions and also please let us know about your opinion.

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