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3D Flooring – OMG this is so awesome. I love it

They call it 3d Epoxy flooring. And I can confirm that is is one of the most awesome things I’ve seen last times and you can do it in your house. They start applying the floor like this in home renovation works .. And the final result is something

When The Lights Go Out, Her Glowing Murals Turn These Rooms Into Dreamy Worlds

Bogi Fabian is an European artist whose creativity affects the various forms of expression. This talented girl is trying to create dreamful atmospheres, painting walls and floors with and without a source of energy. Her goal is to create unique spaces and rooms giving them an identity and a

This Guy Really Spoiled His Dog With The Coolest Dog Bed Ever

All of us love our doggy but this guy did something amazing that shows his true love for his dog. We’ve collected all the photos so you have here all directions for this Cool DIY. Summer heat can be deadly for pets and dogs have a normal body temperature

This Guy Did The Coolest DIY Project Ever ..

Moss graffiti is a recent trend in street art that uses living moss to write on walls of public spaces. The Final Result is BRILLIANT! This form art is environmentally friendly and instead of using paints which can contain harmful chemicals you can create a natural paint-able liquid. Step

15 Things You Never Knew Your iPhone Could Do .. Learn #3 and reach selfie glory!

Not even kidding.. I didn’t knew about these amazing things iPhone can do. Everyone knows iPhone interface is simple and user friendly but the true is that, for major part of iPhone users, it is hiding away little (but amazing) secrets. Learn #3 and reach selfie glory! #15. Passcode

Glow Drink – How to prepare UV light sensitive drink

Did you know you can prepare a drink that is sensitive UV light? The result in any part is amazing .. For that you need 5 ingredients ad following the instructions bellow. Then just make sure you have UV lights in a dark room fr the best party ever!

A Modern House That Can Be Built In Four Days With A Screwdriver

The French architecture studio “Multipod” presented a new prototype for sustainable, lightweight, recyclable and easy to construct house. The “Pop–Up House” promises to revolutionize the way we build houses due to its innovative mounting method and low cost (approximately 35 000$). The assembly takes 4 days and can be done

This Guy Had a Great Idea.. Sun Jars To Collect Sunshine So That You Can Use It At Night. I’ll definitely try it!

Imagine if we could save sunlight and use it later. It sounds silly, but it’s possible. We’ll show you how. I’ll definitely try it! 1) You’ll need to gather a few supplies. used materials: air-tight glass jar;  solar-powered yard lamp; Super glue; Glass frosting spray; Pliers; scissors; screwdriver 1)

7 Simple but FASCINATING Photography Tricks You Can Use On Your Smartphone – Enjoy “No Arm Selfies”!

This video is courtesy of theexcellent photo site “Cooph” and photographe Lorenz Holder,who teaches in 7 simple and fascinating tricks for taking better advantage of our smartphone Camera. To use and abuse! 🙂 Check out #7 .. Yeah, now you can enjoy “No Arm Selfies” ! #1 Panorama Sequence

What’s Hiding Behind This Dresser Is The Best Idea Ever. I’m Jealous.

These parents decided to do something extra special to celebrate the 4th birthday of their child. What they did, is simple but amazing and so magical .. They had a great idea. There’s nothing a little boy wants more than their own secret treasure Room .. You see in