NIKE Announces Back To The Future Shoe (With REAL Power Laces!) for 2015. What’s Next?

I hope all you nostalgia-heads are ready for a bunch of Back to the Future crap coming at you this year.

The 1st big announcement of such crap is the Nike Air MAG shoe with power laces which Nike confirmed will be coming out in 2015. It is important to say that, a previous release targeted at celebrities and rich people came out a few years ago but, those models didn’t have “power laces.

#6. Nike Air MAG shoe (with Real Power Laces)

So far, Hoverboards have only been able to float about an inch above the ground and only if that ground is made of copper, and you know Tony Hawk is involved.

#5. Tony Hawk Rides World’s First Real Hoverboard

This is the year scientists really make a push to finally make street hover boards happen.

And these Shoes and  Hoverboards are just one of the many futuristic things in BttF II that we will no doubt be bombarded with. Continue reading for.. Other Back to the Future II things you can expect to see this year..

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