7 Simple but FASCINATING Photography Tricks You Can Use On Your Smartphone – Enjoy “No Arm Selfies”!

This video is courtesy of theexcellent photo site “Cooph” and photographe Lorenz Holder,who teaches in 7 simple and fascinating tricks for taking better advantage of our smartphone Camera.

To use and abuse! 🙂 Check out #7 .. Yeah, now you can enjoy “No Arm Selfies” !

#1 Panorama Sequence #2 The “Panodash” #3 Zoom Lens #4 Macro Lens #5 Reflector #6 Tripod and Shutter Cable #7 Underwater housing

I had no idea that it was possible to take cool photos with smart-phones even having no great experience with Photography but the true is that it is so easy and funny. Please share these simple and amazing tips with your friends ..

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