15 Things You Never Knew Your iPhone Could Do .. Learn #3 and reach selfie glory!

Not even kidding.. I didn’t knew about these amazing things iPhone can do. Everyone knows iPhone interface is simple and user friendly but the true is that, for major part of iPhone users, it is hiding away little (but amazing) secrets. Learn #3 and reach selfie glory!

#15. Passcode with letters instead of numbers

Once you turn it on, a screen will pop up where you have to enter a new password along with a full QWERTY board.
How to activate it: Go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Turn off Simple Passcode.


#14. Simply say: “read my e-mail” and Siri will read your e-mails to you

Simply say, “read my e-mail,” and Siri will tell you who the email is from, who it is to, and tell you the date it was received. And it doesn’t ends here, Siri will go on to read the entire e-mail.

You can specifically ask for e-mails from a certain individual, too, or just ask her to read the latest e-mail.


#13. Find out what planes are flying above you

Some will say that you only need to say “Planes overhead” or “What flights are above me?” but that doesn’t always work. CNET writer Jason Cipriani found out that you need to say the following: “What Wolfram what flights are overhead.”

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