World Longest glass-bottom Bridge. Terrifying walkway!!

This bridge is made of Glass. It’s the world longest glass-bottom bridge in the world.

3D Flooring – OMG this is so awesome. I love it

They call it 3d Epoxy flooring. And I can confirm that is is one of the most awesome things I’ve seen last times and you can do it in your house. They start applying the floor like this in home renovation works .. And the final result is something

When The Lights Go Out, Her Glowing Murals Turn These Rooms Into Dreamy Worlds

Bogi Fabian is an European artist whose creativity affects the various forms of expression. This talented girl is trying to create dreamful atmospheres, painting walls and floors with and without a source of energy. Her goal is to create unique spaces and rooms giving them an identity and a

This simple and beautiful message brings entire middle class to tears ..

Mark Mero, a professional wrestler, has reached incredible success in sport. Today, he defines success very differently… During to a middle school class, he shares an emotional story about his relationship with his mother, the one person who believed in him no matter what. His heartfelt, beautiful speech brings

This 12 Weeks Old Puppy Does Something Impressive

This French Bulldog Puppy Tricks has only 12 weeks old. And I ask: What can a puppy learn in 4 days? 🙂 “Ring the belt?” after that .. My heart just melted! Relationship between dogs and owners is something impressive. And this “dog training” and interaction video really impressed

This Guy Really Spoiled His Dog With The Coolest Dog Bed Ever

All of us love our doggy but this guy did something amazing that shows his true love for his dog. We’ve collected all the photos so you have here all directions for this Cool DIY. Summer heat can be deadly for pets and dogs have a normal body temperature

I Had Never Seen A Reaction Like This.. So Amazingly Touching !

So amazingly touching – the story of Shirley and Jenny, two crippled elephants reunited at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee after a 22-year separation. The bonding was immediate, intense and unforgettable between the two former circus elephants. Jenny and Shirley were both at the same circus when Jenny was

Vin Diesel on Helium! Hilarious ..

On the BBC One segment of ‘Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, ‘Fast and Furious’ star Vin Diesel inhales the helium balloon and the resulting sounds produced are unlike the ones associated with his hunky figure. We never knew helium makes you British! 🙂 What did you think about this

17 Party Hacks For The Best Time Ever

I’ll be using several of these Hacks  in the next Party! #6 blowed my mind .. #17. Keep your drinks cold with frozen water balloons (Genius) #16. If your speakers have blown out or you don’t have any around #15. You know those lines on Solo Cups? Please let

Puppy Approves Of Her Soon-To-Be Baby Sister. Just Too Adorable For Words ..

A Mom tries to explain to her puppy that its baby sister is inside of her belly and it won’t be long until they meet. Check out this the moment it happens! 🙂 The dog is adorably confused but soon seems to understand and approves of her new human